We value our values

Our values; Driven, Open, Innovative and Trustworthy are spelled DO IT. It’s about doing things that truly matter to us, to our customers and to our partners. It’s about working together, rolling up our sleeves and act. And it’s about being flexible, understanding and deliver with quality. That’s how we make it happen.

As a company, we are constantly evolving. We create our own future, and we match with people who are Driven, Open, Innovative and Trustworthy. That’s how we make sure that we are Always Improving.





Our vision and mission

We strive to make a difference in people’s lives, whether it’s by helping them enabling their dreams or overcome obstacles. They use our services to make things happen. We can help them do this, both when times are good and when times are harder. We can give them that feeling of freedom and opportunity. The feeling that dealing with a bank and insurance company is not a hard thing to do.

The bigger picture

As a company, we have responsibilities towards our employees, our customers and partners, as well as to the society we belong to. We think people should have the opportunity to live the life they want to live – today and tomorrow.

As an employer, we work for equality, diversity, inclusion and purpose.

As a member of society, we carefully consider the impact on the environment and on people’s lives.

As a member of the financial sector, we ensure that all credit processes are ethical and sustainable to create the best possible customer experience.

Read more about our business ethics and how we work with sustainability in our Code of Conduct and Sustainability report.

Vi Raddar Liv Pa Arbetstid Droppe 200x200pxVi Raddar Liv Pa Arbetstid Droppe 200x200px

Give blood and be a hero

Resurs is a GeBlod-certified company which means that our employees are allowed to donate blood during regular working hours, an essential social initiative that saves lives. In Sweden, one bag of blood is needed every minute, each day, all year round. By donating your blood, you can save up to three lives and it takes less than ten minutes of your time.

Giving blood is a powerful act where every drop counts.

Great benefits for great people

Our employees are our most important assets. That is the straight and simple answer to why we want to give them that extra something. We obviously offer the basics like most other companies. But to give our employees that extra sparkle in their everyday life, we celebrate everything we can from Christmas partys and galas to traditional Swedish fika at any given occasion. We always focus on wellness, and sponsor participation in sports events, offer seminars and internal training.

Employee loan

Lower interest and longer repayment period.


At a wide range of stores and online stores.

Health and Exercise

Wellness grants and subsidised massage- and naprapathy treatments.


Life insurance and staff discount at Solid Insurance.

Feedback for the win

We deeply care about the well-being of our people and keeping the workplace thriving and healthy. How do we know that our employees enjoy work, grow professionally and contribute to the growth of the company? We ask. And it’s live! What you see is what you get.